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How To Get Abs Without Losing Weight

  There are so many myths surrounding the percentage of body fat, types of exercises, and food etc...etc. Our question... If you have to be at certain body fat than why skinny people don't show abs? Planks are the best, crunches are the best, this or...

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10 Best No Equipment Workouts

Training or physical activity is a very important part of a person's health. To stay mobile and in shape, we try to keep fit and develop our bodies. Sometimes we don’t have time for a gym or fitness center so the first real option is a workout that we can do with our...

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How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs

People born under a lucky star have no problem with excess thigh fat, I believe we can count such people on our fingers! The rest of “the cursed us” have to work on shaping our legs to look good. This includes proper nutrition and of course regular training. Each part...

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