There are numerous diets out there that can help you lose weight, but not everything is about only losing weight! Yes, go with Keto or DASH diet, but in the end, everything that matters is: do you really enjoy it? Well, the banana diet seems to give really awesome results and it's quite enjoyable!

We believe that for 100% successful weight loss you need to find something you will enjoy.

80% is diet, 20% is exercise, and don't let anyone trick you that is different! Because it's not!

I found this really cool diet and tried it myself, and can tell you it's pretty cool and it gives results! I'm talking about the banana diet! Speaking about losing weight and enjoying it, who doesn't like bananas?

Alternative To Banana Diet

What is the Banana diet?


The banana diet is a product of pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe and her husband Hitoshi Watanabe. Hitoshi managed to lose 37 pounds with this diet, and after publishing the diet on Mixo (a Japanese social network), it went super viral. According to Time they sold over 700,000 copies of the diet!

Well, here we'll give you the plan for free.

As you probably guessed so far, bananas are the main meal of the diet.

The main rule is that you eat bananas for breakfast every morning with two cups of water (room temperature). Rest of the day should have healthy and light meals, but they didn't specify which ones. We will cover those meals, later in the post.

You probably know how much warm water is important in the East. Chinese people always believed that warm water is the cure for all diseases, and if you somehow find yourself there, get sick and seek help, be sure that they will first give you a nice cup of warm water. Even before Aspirin.

The banana diet is effective because bananas cover big specter of essential minerals and vitamins.


All benefits of bananas


Even though the banana diet is based on bananas, you really shouldn't go too much with them. One medium banana has about 105 calories, which is much more than other fruits such as apple, pear, or orange.

Here's what you can find in one banana:

  • Potassium: 450 mg
  • Vitamin C: 9 mg
  • Vitamin B6: 0.5 mg
  • Vitamin A: 81 IU
  • Manganese: 0.3 mg
  • Dietary fiber: 3 mg
  • Protein: 1 g
  • Magnesium: 34 mg
  • Folate: 25.0 mcg
  • Riboflavin: 0.1 mg
  • Niacin: 0.8 mg
  • Iron: 0.3 mg

The biggest benefit banana has is definitely potassium. We already spoke about how much potassium is important for our body, but for the sake of information, here's the long story short:

Potassium helps with maintaining fluids in your body, it plays a huge role in feeding cells, heart health, balancing blood pressure, etc.

Thanks to potassium banana are one of the leaders in preventing heart diseases in the world. One study showed that those who consumed 4069 mg of potassium per day had a 49% lower risk of death from ischemic heart disease compared with those who consumed less potassium (about 1000 mg per day). (according to  Mark Houston, MD, MS, an associate clinical professor of medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School and director of the Hypertension Institute at St Thomas Hospital in Tennessee).

Banana is also known to prevent diabetes thanks to its dietary fibers. And speaking of fibers, we all know how important they are for our digestive tract. Eating any type of fruit and vegetables will definitely improve your gut health. Raw Food Diet is based on fiber intake as a key in healthy life!

One study from London found that children who ate just one banana per day had a 34% less chance of developing asthma.


Rules of Banana diet


Rules are simple:

  1. Every breakfast is the same: 1-4 bananas and 2 cups of warm water
  2. No alcohol, coffee, or some other beverage. You can only drink water.
  3. No desserts.
  4. Sleep for 7-8h
  5. No eating 4 hours before sleep. 

Pretty much these rules are in every diet. Stop eating candies and drinking sodas, have a good sleep, drink plenty of water, and don't eat a few hours before sleeping.

As I said previously, losing weight isn't really that hard, it's very simple. The main thing is to find the way you enjoy it. Except that it's only calories in vs calories out.

Since dessert is not allowed, if you crave more food, eat a banana!

You already notice how warm water is always repeated. Warm water speeds up the metabolism and detoxifies the whole body. If you stop for a moment and think about it, it actually makes sense. The average body temperature is 97°F – 99°F. If you drink a cup of cold water, your body kinda gets in a state of shock, trying to process that cold water and keep the body temperature normal. Besides getting burst in the flames, drinking boiling water doesn't make sense, just like drinking cold water. Your body doesn't like it.

banana diet

7-day banana diet meal plan 


Here's a small free cheat sheet I made for myself and it gave me results. I'm giving you this for free because I like this diet so much!

Meals are only for lunch and dinner because every breakfast is the same: 1-4 bananas + 2 cups of warm water




Lunch: risotto with vegetables and lettuce

Dinner: vegetable soup and grilled chicken breasts




Lunch: Grilled tuna with mash potatoes and tomato

Dinner: Pasta with boiled vegetables




Lunch: vegetable soup + grilled chicken breasts + cucumbers

Dinner: Grilled chicken breasts + grilled champignons + 1 slice of toast




Lunch: Spinach with rice + beet salad

Dinner: grilled champignons + salmon steak




Lunch: Chicken wings + fries

Dinner: Vegetable soup + 1 slice of bread




Lunch: grilled chicken breasts + lettuce + mash potatoes

Dinner: fish soup + 1 slice of bread




Lunch: turkey steak grilled + boiled vegetables

Dinner: mash potatoes




When this diet was viral many people reported various results, but here are the most repeated ones:

  • Most of the people reported they got tired of eating bananas (surprise, surprise)
  • Some of the people who enrolled in the diet reported stomach cramps
  • People who ate various foods and other fruits and exercised reported the best results with no side-effects
  • People who ate only bananas, without different fruits said they experienced the yoyo effect.

Other options

If you think this diet is not for you, that's perfectly fine.

Don't start something just because it gives you results. If you don't enjoy it, you are doing it wrong!

I made a cool plan for losing 10 pounds in only 7 days, and it's highly adaptable to everyone! If you don't have that much time making all those soups and everything check out this plan. It's very effective, not time-consuming and it gives results really fast!

Here it is: How to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days: Free Meal Plan and Tricks!


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That's it, folks!

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