We are well aware that no one is the same. There are people who love being overweight but there are also a lot of people wanting to be freaks of nature like Mr. Olympia. That is all good because we are all different.

But when it comes to what the majority of people want it's usually obvious. Guys want bigger arms and shoulders or shredded abs, and girls want a slim waist and big firm butt.

Unfortunately, genetics is something we cannot change. No matter how irritating genetics can be, we are all limited by it at some point. However, you can change a few things.

Your habits and goals. You can change your mindset and dedicate some time to building something you want. Put some grind in your dreams, and work on it until you achieve it. Here we will cover the ladies' part. Girls, get ready, 8 best exercises for a small waist and big butt coming your way!



1. Squats


Ladies and… well, ladies… I present to you, the father of all exercises, natural testosterone booster, the most effective part of the workout, and the biggest muscle group impactor, his majesty, The Squat!

Yes, you heard me well, squats are the best exercise for everything below your belly button. Saying that squats easily hit your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and lower backs. They are essential in strength training and if you want a bigger butt, they are a must.

We already talked about why you should never EVER skip squats and we will say the first thing again: it's a rookie mistake that results with no results. No matter if you are losing weight or building muscle, you will get no results.

small waist and big butt

If you want to hit some parts harder than the others you can easily change the form of the squat.

For example, if you want to hit quads more than any other group, you will do hip-wide squats. Basically spread your legs just a little bit more than you are standing and start doing squats.

However, if you want to hit the butt harder, then spread your legs even more. Wider squats will have a bigger impact on your butt and will make it burn.

Pro tip: If you want to hit the quads even harder, wear high heels while doing the squats. Lifting your heel will set additional pressure on your quads. 

For beginning do 20 squats per set. Rest for 1 minute and repeat. Do 4 sets like that. As time pass, make your repeats bigger.


2. Sit-Ups


Sit-ups are one of the best exercises (if not the best) for abs. Just like the squat they also have various forms and can be done with additional weights.

Working out your abs will utilize your waist and make it smaller. Even if you don't see it, you do have an eight-pack under, you just have to work it. Also, you do have side-abs, which also require training but you can hit them just by changing your form.

For example, after doing normal sit-ups, put your hands behind your head while you are laying down. Try to do a sit-up, but this time, instead of getting up normally, try to touch your left knee with your right elbow. That way you will also engage your side abs.

Start with 4 sets of 20 reps an1-minute rest. After a few days raise the number of reps.


3. Plank


Plank is one of the most crucial exercises for strengthening the core. A strong core means a strong body and a strong balance. But where is actually the core?

Our core is usually near our belly button. Practically a bit lower than the waist. The core is actually the center of the body, and it's a connection between the upper body (torso) and the lower body (legs). If you look at the MMA fighters or professional wrestlers they might not have abs, but they have pretty big waists. That's because they are doing many exercises for strengthening the core.

When I was training MMA (yeah, it was a recreational thing for me, haha), I figured that no matter how your legs and arms are strong, if the center of the body is weak, you will easily get take-downed or tackled.

By doing the plank you are getting stronger, and also one big benefit that plank does is burning fat. While doing it, every muscle in your body is flexed, trying to keep you in balance, and above the ground. Every muscle is trying to listen to your commands, and even though it hurts and burns like hell, it is very efficient.

Start with 4 sets, each 30 seconds plank, and 30 seconds rest. After a few days increase the seconds when doing the plank, and decrease the rest time.


4. Lunges


Lunges are an awesome exercise for quads and glutes, and they are pretty easy to do. If you are busy with your everyday life, lunges can be done anywhere, even in the bathroom.

Put your hands on your hips and stand tall. Step forward with one leg and lower your body until your knee bents 90 degrees, and get back up to starting position. Do it for the other leg too, and that's a lunge.

small waist and big butt

Start with 4 sets, 10 lunges per leg.

Pro tip: Too easy for you? Lift the heel up when stepping forward! ūüėČ


5. Deadlifts


Also known as one of the most dangerous exercises to do.

That's because people don't want to learn the right form. The right form is essential when it comes to deadlifts because without it you can easily hurt yourself, and when I say hurt yourself, I mean to get stuck in wheelchairs for the rest of your life.

The other day I had a situation in the gym, where I saw a guy doing deadlifts with 100 pounds, and the worse part is he was flexing his face in pain harder than his lower back muscles and hamstrings. I approached him and gave him advice on how to properly work deadlift, and his reply was: “It's harder that way, I can't do it“. So his logic was it's better to lift more one way or the other, and not to lift less but properly.

I was stunned by his reply so much, that my IQ dropped by like 20.

So, folks, don't be like this guy. If you can't learn proper deadlift form from the internet, reach out to someone in the gym. Everyone will be happier to show you the right form, then to watch the ambulance coming for you.

With the right form, and right form only, deadlifts are a killer exercise for the lower back, waist, butt, and hamstrings. You should engage deadlifts in every third training session (you can do it every training, there's no rule, that's just the way how I do it, and it gives me the best results).

Start with very small weights, or without ones, just with the bar. It may look silly, but trust me, it's not gonna be easy after 10 reps. Learn the correct form and then slowly add on some weights. It took me a year and a half to reach 250 pounds deadlifts. Have that in mind.


6. Side Plank Hip Lifts


This is a very cool exercise that burns fat around your belly and gets those side abs working hard. Your waist will start getting tinier and tinier by the time, and you will feel stronger.

It's easy, get in position for plank but get it on one arm and turn your body to be 90 degrees from the ground. After that just lower your hips and get them back up. You can do it on hand or on the elbow.

Start with 4 sets, 10 reps, 1-minute rest.

small waist and big butt

7. Russian Twist


This is so freaking hard!

When I first so this exercise I was like “C'mon, this is funny“, but when I tried to do it my whole waist was screaming in pain! Really, it's so hard to do it, but it has huge benefits!

Russian twist engages all muscles in the waist including abs, side abs, and lower back muscles.

The trick is to sit down on the ground, lift your legs up and keep them above the ground, and touch the ground with your hands, one side then the other… as fast as you can!

Start with 4 sets, 45 seconds of Russian twist, and 45 seconds rest.


8. Hip Raise


Lay down, get your heels close to your butt and start lifting your hips up. Simple as that!

This exercise may seem funny but the trick is not only to raise your hips but to flex your ass as hard as you can when you reach the top. Doing this you will engage your glutes and hamstrings and tone up your butts very effectively. You should feel the burn right after the fourth rep.

This exercise also has many variations, but when things start to get very easy feel free to put some weights on your hips. 

Start with 4 sets, 20 reps, and 1-minute rest.


Frequently Asked Questions about big butt and slim waist workout 


In this section we will cover all the questions you might have, so make sure to read all of them in order to maximize your result!


What if I can't do some of these exercises?


No worries about that. Everyone is different, and everyone has the strength of hiding somewhere else. Me personally my biggest strength is my legs. Bench-press is a really difficult one for me, but leg-press is nothing but a peanut.

Make sure to do all these exercises properly and if you can't do 10 reps, don't worry! Do 3 today, but try to do 4 tomorrow!

After how long will I see results?


You should see progress after only 7-10 days.

Keep in mind that after doing all these exercises you will probably feel sore. Don't quit though! Muscle inflammation will pass, and you will gain more strength. That's when the progress is happening!

You should know that 20% is exercise and 80% is a proper diet. Saying that I truly recommend getting a protein powder because it will boost your result sky high. 

Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition is the best protein powder on the market, and it has been for over 3 years now. It's truly awesome, tastes like heaven and you should really check it out.

Supplements are great if you have a busy life. Make sure to check our post about the best supplements for weight loss.

Are there any other exercises for small waist and big butt?


Of course.

You can find various exercises for a small waist and a big butt, but in my opinion, these are a must.

After a while feel free to include other exercises too, but don't stop with these ones.


What should I eat to boost my result?


Focus on a protein-based diet.

The rule is pretty simple – if you are trying to gain weight (which is a muscle in this case), make sure your macros are calculated with a focus on protein and healthy carbs.

It's always about calories in vs calories out, but that doesn't mean that you should forget about your macros. We have a complete guide about how to calculate your macros so make sure you check that one out!

Feel free to check our articles on nutrition below, you will find lots of awesome information that will help you boost your progress.

Don' Like To Cook? Check Out Below: 


Can I have a blueprint of all exercises for a small waist and a big butt?


Absolutely. We'd appreciate it very much if you'd share this on Pinterest, it helps us grow so much! If not, no big deal, it's yours for free!




Best exercises for building small waist and big butt are squats, lunges, side plank hip lifts, plank, sit-ups, hip raises, Russian-twist, and deadlifts. 

These exercises will help you achieve your goals but bear in mind that a healthy and balanced diet is a foundation of getting good results out of your workouts. You cannot out-train the bad diet, so make sure your diet has plenty of protein and healthy carbs.

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That's it, folks!

Vladan Ubiparip
Founder at Extreme Loser