If you are looking for some fitness inspiration for your daily fitness routine you can find on Instagram a lot of profiles to motivate you. These pages can be educational, inspirational, and funny which is important for your mental health. These are all beautiful and strong women and men who will help you stay on track and keep you going towards your fitness goals and beyond.

Every human being needs the motivation to keep going with the goal we choose. When we start our fitness journey it very often means changing a lot of aspects in our lives. Changing our diet, our mind state, and our exercise. To be the best we need to find our own stimulation and to keep pushing forward we need proper support around us. So here are 15 fitness and weight loss experts to follow on Instagram where you’ll find your daily motivation to get results and to make it work in your favor. 

1. Extreme loser

As serious and dedicated as we are in our path to losing weight, it's crucial that we look at it from a different angle. Extreme Loser is the voice that exists in all of us, funny and sarcastic quotes from this page motivate us to be even better on our journey. We all face challenges and temptations, we all know how little we need to “eat ourselves” in the process, and this page will take care of us not to do so with their unique approach.

They will make us laugh in the most difficult moments, show that it's okay if we get stuck, but with their strong announcements, they will cause resentment in us, which is crucial for raising the bar in physical activity. My favorite quote from this page is: “If you think you are too small to make a change, try sleeping with a mosquito”. You can find your favorite one if you visit this page and it will change your mood and give you proper motivation.

2. Michelle Lewin

Just one look at this beautiful Latina girl will be enough to imagine yourself in the most ideal form. At a second glance on her page, you will find perfect exercises for you and automatically start your training.


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Try not to “hate her” for her smile during the workout, let that be a push for you to do the same! Her Instagram is full of motivational, educational, and funny videos and photos which will encourage you to work out. Her biggest support is her Swedish boyfriend who gives us a fitness couple who train together and it's showing us that love and business go together.

3. Kayla Itsines

If your main excuse is that you don’t have time to train because you have a lot of responsibilities, I have to disappoint you and say that because of this woman your excuse is long gone. You will see what I'm talking about as soon as you follow her on Instagram. She is a mother and wife and with all the responsibilities that this lifestyle brings, she manages to train regularly and looks perfect. I know it sounds very difficult but following her example, you will realize that you can do anything if you are well organized.


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By introducing regular training into your life, your body releases dopamine and serotonin which will give you the strength to fulfill even more than you planned that day. Learn from Kayla, find your inspiration in her video materials.  

4. Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is an extreme and professional bodybuilder. He is one of the most influential fitness trainers in the world by Forbes. A great example of dedication, strength, and will in one human being. He competes in bodybuilding competitions worldwide and by watching him do his work you'll want to be the best in your own competition of healthy lifestyle.



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His workouts are very hard and he inspires his followers to work, work, work to get a strong body. He has millions of followers on Instagram so if you are not one of these few I suggest you start following him to get inspiration and motivation. He has written a book and launched his sportswear line. On his Instagram page, you'll find a lot of inspiration!

5. Joe Wicks 

Joe Wicks, a long-curly-haired man, known as the body coach on Instagram is a famous and super funny fitness instructor. This is certainly one of the most balanced pages if we talk about whole body dedication. From training to nutrition, here you'll find cool ideas for quick meals, fun movements, and ways to exercise even when you don't feel like it.



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The results achieved by his clients will be your biggest motivation. They are proof that his approach to nutrition and training works, so you won't hesitate for a long time to become a great example yourself. You'll be happy to send his recipes to your friends who also want to start with healthy habits in their lives. All in all, have fun with it and at the same time look at the great changes in the mirror.

6. Lauren Drain Kagan 

Lauren is a sexy blonde, fitness model, and nurse. Her Instagram profile is interesting in many ways. From breathtaking photos to tips for healthier and better habits. In addition to all the above, this woman has great examples of how to train during pregnancy.



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All women who are pregnant can find great exercises and stay in good shape during and after the pregnancy. She shares her life habits with her followers, provides support, and you can see the results of her work with clients. So this woman knows what she's talking about and she is doing a great job. If you decide to follow her advice, you'll go in the right direction.

7. Jo Linder 

When people say that someone attracts attention with their appearance, they think of this man. From head to toe, everything is interesting about him If you haven't heard of him so far, you'll have a lot to see. He is a fitness model and he is interesting primarily because of the way he's shaped his body and the way he worked out each muscle.



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You may like it or not, but you can't ignore him. One thing is certain, you can learn a lot from this man because he knows the human body in a specific way, and he pays a lot of attention to nutrition. Following his experience, you can progress nicely and at the same time have a good time watching his training.

8. Massy Arias 

This beautiful lady reminds us as a woman that self-care is an important part of keeping us in a great state of mind. She went through depression and physical limitations to become who she is today, an inspiration for millions of people all over the world. It is much easier to change your habits with a person who has been through so much, we find it easier to give in to such people and believe that we can do the same for ourselves.


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You will feel such a connection with this beautiful woman and you will adore her Instagram page. She is a fitness trainer who inspires everyone she comes across. Her Instagram page is full of videos of her training and food recipes and of course her sweet daughter who makes us all laugh.

9. Emily Skye 

Raw beauty, that’s what I would call this lady. She doesn't hide her true self, she is proud of every part of her body and with her positive attitude, she raises the self-confidence of women around the world. Emily is an inspiration for a woman who says they are unable to get in shape after gaining weight during the pregnancy.


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This woman just in a few months got her sexy body back and she motivates us to do the same. She takes photos of her body with cellulite and wrinkly tummy which reminds us that we all are human, and it's just beautiful. She loves herself whether her skin is wrinkled or not, she is confident no matter what, and that's why this amazing “real” woman needs to be on our following list.

10. Robin Arzon 

The story behind this woman has a life-changing sensation and that's a reason to follow her. Courage and determination are her second name. So, she was one of the 40 hostages in a very aggressive robbery, where she was used as a human shield for the attacker.


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Fortunately, she managed to emerge victorious from the traumatic experience. From that moment on, she decided to dedicate herself to a healthy lifestyle and started running, leaving behind a promising lawyer career! She just felt it and didn't make a mistake. Running and a healthy lifestyle is her main signature now. All you need in life as a reminder that you can do anything is look at her Instagram page.

11. Emma Doherty 

She's young, healthy, and beautiful, with an enchanting body full of energy that motivates everyone who comes across her posts on Instagram. Before this charming smile, she went through difficult moments on her own because of her weight.


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She was obese in high school, and after the struggle, she had with it, she went very skinny – almost anorexic. Until she finally finds the healthiest way and the right path for her body. So it's good to know that someone is sharing the trouble with you, and has the power to guide you through it. Besides that, this girl knows human weaknesses and therefore has adapted many recipes for a hedonist in us, so we won’t even notice that we're on a special diet. By sharing your path with her you'll experience a whole new level of trust. Type emmafituk_ and check her up.

12. Morit Summers 

One and only, Summer is a person whose charm on Instagram will overwhelm your “save” folder.


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She is proof that the “perfect body” is everybody and that the most important thing is to feel great in it, and to accept it with all its flaws. She is well known in the world's major fitness magazines, a woman of profession and knowledge, a person who does a great job as a trainer. She trains professional athletes, people who want their appearance to get to perfection, but also people who want to lose weight and feel good about their bodies. One of her biggest attributes is her smile and her strength and dedication. With her, you will learn that your body can do anything and that weight is your best friend in the process.

13. Dan Giordano 

Who knows the human body better than a physiotherapist in the training process? We will agree that there are not many of them and that is exactly the reason why you need to check on this guy. Family type, handsome, and an animal lover… this sounds perfect, and you could say he is.

The media loves him, in many magazines you can find his advice and articles about proper training, the most common mistakes during training, a healthy attitude towards your body and many other topics. He shares all of the above on Instagram with his followers and his content is quite concise and well balanced between the professional and private spectrum. You will catch yourself scrolling his Instagram profile for quite a long time but you will not waste time.

14. Jess Movold

Do you like to do training but also like to drink beer? That's ok, Molvid will support everything human in us while it's well balanced! This is a woman who is so natural with the world around her.


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She has many miles under her legs, a few champion titles around her waist, and stories in which we realize that we are all just people of flesh and blood. But also people who can achieve a lot when we want to. With her, you will catch that step of movement and life that carries you around strongly. Also, if you have trouble with your time, it will be easier for you to organize yourself by observing her. You will push your limits when you see the tremendous miles and training that this girl is doing. Because of her, you will demand the maximum from yourself every day.

15. Bradley Martyn 

Bradly Martin is an Instagram influencer and YouTuber and on his page, he shares his training, dieting and he gives advice about supplementation. He says he wants his followers to be “awesome and lean” and you can see those results on his clients.


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He spent a lot of time in the fitness world so he gained a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition, and today he has his own training programs. This way you won't spend too much time researching what is good for you, just scroll to his page and find what suits you. His Instagram page is informative and full of photos and videos about his fitness life.