March, April, May and a little bit of June… That's when all of us start realizing that we should really lose a few pounds and get that summer body ready in a month or faster. That's the period of time when we start planning how to burn that few extra pounds we got over the cold months.

So I wanted to make this guide to help you get your summer body ready in a month. 


get summer body ready in month


To be honest with you, it's not actually that difficult. I was giving this plan to my clients and they got amazing results.

And I also don't like the fact that fitness trainers are charging this simple plan. I believe it should be free, so if you want to get summer body ready in a month, here's what you need to do.


Start Intermittent Fasting


If you want to accomplish something fast and with some great result, there is nothing better than intermittent fasting.

It's a no brainer.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It’s a “tool” for losing weight, and rules are simple.

In one day you have 24 hours. In those 24 hours, you have two windows:

Fasting window: This is the period that lasts a minimum of 16 hours. You are not supposed to take any calories during this time. You can only drink water, and that’s it. Good thing is that your sleeping hours are counting too. So if you are sleeping for 8 hours, you only have 8 hours left of fasting.

Eating window: This is the period that lasts a maximum of 8 hours. You can have normal meals and snacks (we will talk about this in a minute), and you can basically live a normal life. After this window closes, you begin a fasting window again.

So if you don’t know how it works and why is it effective here it is: When you eat something, your insulin spikes up to level up with sugar in the blood. The time it takes for insulin to goes on 0 again depends on the food you ate and its glycemic index. Foods with an ultra-high glycemic index that spike your insulin in heavens, take max 12h of the time before insulin comes to the zero.

When the insulin is low, the growth hormone works the best and the body is melting fat. So basically after 12 hours of fasting (in the worst-case scenario), you start melting fat, which means you have 4 hours of pure losing fat!

Intermittent fasting helped me a lot during my weight loss journey. It’s not very easy but your body will be grateful because fasting is a proven way to be healthy. Think about those monks that eat a hand of rice once a day. They are practically fasting for 23 hours! And they live very long!

I recommend having a fasting window of 20 hours, and only 4 hours eating window. If you are new to intermittent fasting or you are struggling with it, you can read our “Intermittent fasting: Step-by-Step Beginners guide”, where you will also learn how to achieve 20-4 system.

Speaking of eating window…


Start the Ketogenic diet


No matter are you a fan or a hater, nothing will help you lose weight faster then ketogenic diet. And that’s a fact.

There are multiple reasons why you should start the keto diet right now, and here's just a few of them:

  • Reduced carbs will kill your appetite and cravings in just a few days
  • Triglycerides go down as crazy
  • Bad cholesterol is no longer the issue
  • Level of good cholesterol is increased
  • Regulated blood pressure
  • and many many more


But hey. It's totally fine if you don't want it. This is just my advice and something I've been giving to my clients for years, and it works every single time.

Keto diet is based on low-carb intake. Basically, 75% of your nutrition should be fat (avocado, cheese, etc.), 20% should be protein (fish, chicken, turkey, etc.) and only 5% should be carbs (root veggies).

When you enter the state of ketosis (and you will enter that state 2 days after you start the Ketogenic diet) your body will start using fat as energy, which will result in melting fat fast.

The ketogenic diet is one of the most controversial diets on the market. Many people love it, many of them hate it, but no one can say that it doesn’t give results. I spent months on keto, and I had fantastic results!

Also, a good idea is to use supplements. If you have a very busy life, supplements can make it easier to get all important macros and to stay on track. You can check out our 5 Best Supplements For Weight Loss and Muscle Gain post to see our top recommendations. All supplements are keto friendly!

So we handled the nutrition. Go with intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet combined and you will melt fat every minute!


Start HIIT Work Out


It’s easy to just say: “Hey, go workout and no worries about fat!“. When you are shredding your body, you need a systematic workout. You need to follow an intense pattern of exercises so you can get the best results.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training which in normal language means, there is no static rhythm. The difference between normal cardio and HIIT is that when you start doing normal cardio, you jump on a treadmill and walk/run your ass off.

When doing HIIT you shift paces. For example, you sprint for a minute and then slow down for 15 seconds. And repeat until you… Well, die on a treadmill.

You need to have a combined system because cardio and weightlifting will both do job separated, but when combined, you will have the best results.

Following this plan, you will get a summer body ready in a month!


Weight lifting HIIT


Work on your muscles 5 days a week. Plan everything however you want it. Here’s an example:

Monday: Biceps, triceps, and shoulders
Tuesday: Chest and lats
Wednesday: Quads, hamstrings, and butt
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Abs and lower back
Saturday: Chest and lats if you are a male, or Butt and Quads if you are a female
Sunday: Rest

People who think that lifting weight doesn’t do anything for weight loss are wrong. Lifting weights boost your growth hormone which ensures your muscle growth. More muscles you have – more fat you burn.

Also weight lifting part is always cardio. If you are doing 10 reps, do them as best you can, and after that just breathe deeply to relax your body and lower down your heart rate.

The weight lifting part should be 40 minutes max.


Cardio HIIT


After every weight lifting workout, do 20 minutes of cardio HIIT.

Here's a complete cardio HIIT workout plan for losing weight.

LD stands for the Level of Difficulty and it’s expressed with numbers one to five. 1 is the easiest, minimum effort, 5 is the ultra high effort.

#1 – Treadmill HIIT

Warm-up: 5 Mins – LD 2
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 4
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 5
Jog: 1 minute – LD 3
Sprint: 30 seconds – LD 5
Jog: 2 minutes – LD 3
Cool Down: 2 minutes – LD 2

Let me know in the comments did you tried it, and how did it go!

You can also pin this picture if you need it!

get summer body ready in month


#2 – Bike HIIT

It’s the same pattern as for the treadmill. Just instead of a sprint, cycle fast, and for a jog, just get back to the normal level.

#3 – Combined exercises HIIT

Every exercise is performed for 50 seconds, and you should put all your energy in those 50 seconds. After that, you get 10 seconds rest and go to the next exercise. This is the 20-minute plan with combined exercises:

High Knees
Butt kicks
Mountain climbers
Jumping Jacks
Jump Lunges
Jump Squats

Here is a picture for this one too.

get summer body ready in month

Practice all these 5 days a week, and after a month, you will see how your body transformed beautifully!

This is healthy but hard in the beginning system, and there’s no doubt about it. You can expect great results in only 2 weeks, but if you want better results, just keep working on it. You will see great changes, and you will feel a lot better.

If you make a smart decision and start with a Ketogenic diet, don’t forget to have the cheat day every 21st day. It’s really important to reset your body and to get out of the ketosis for a day.

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Vladan Ubiparip
Founder at Extreme Loser