Can we lose weight in some body parts such as face, thighs or belly? The answer may not be as satisfying as you expected, but it is NO you can't lose weight just in some parts of your body but you can increase shaping that area and building specific muscles. Our body works in harmony so when you are losing weight it is proportionally done in the way our body arranges it. 

Exercises can be directed to certain parts of the body, but by doing them the whole organism must be involved in the process. We must know our body and anatomy to properly “attack” certain parts that we want to highlight, tighten or to remove extra fat from it. 

There was a lot of research and in every one of them spot reduction didn't get an impressive score. So yes you can focus on some body parts to build muscles and while doing that you will burn fat and calories but the reduction will not be spotted just at that area. So let's see what we can do to improve our body and at the same time to put our face or belly in shape! 


Face yoga

Yoga is generally known as an exercise that invigorates the body, and face yoga is one special elixir of youth! Somewhere along the way, people have overlooked the fact that our face is driven by muscles and that they need attention like all other muscles in the body. 

When we start doing face yoga we’ll see how powerful every muscle on that part of the body is. A few major exercises take a few minutes a day, and the effect is a miracle! We are used to treating our face with creams that will rejuvenate the skin, but now that we are aware of the importance of activating the muscles on the face, the story is much more serious and effective.

By pressing on certain points on the face, we stimulate the work of blood vessels and start circulation. By making specific grimaces on your face, you can both have fun and beautify yourself! At first, it may seem funny and strange, but the results provoke far better reactions 🙂

Let’s go through a few exercises that will tighten your face and improve your skin tone and make you look much fresher and more energetic.

6 exercises to Tighten Facial Muscles and Skin

For these exercises, we'll need around five minutes. A great way to move the muscles on your face, to give them a pleasant massage, and to feel and look great after them. Repeating them daily the results will be stunning. See for yourself!

The V

Put two middle fingers between the eyebrows and the index fingers at the outer corner of your eyes. Look up towards the ceiling and tighten the lower muscle of your eyes for three seconds. Then relax the muscle and keep repeating this about six times. At the very end, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and open your eyes as you exhale.

With this contraction, we encourage the muscles around the eyes to become stronger and to give us a smooth facial expression in that part.

Smile smoother

Open your mouth and hide your teeth with lips and form them in the shape of the letter O. From this shape you go into the shape of a smile, also with hidden teeth. Alternate these shapes one after the other for 15 seconds and then hold that smile shape still hiding your teeth, put your index finger to the middle of the chin and scoop the jow backward while opening and closing your mouth. Go head back as far as you can and then take it back. Repeat that head move one more time. Great job!

With this exercise, we lift the cheeks and the part under the chin. We tighten the lower part of the face and that gives us a wonderfully youthful look.

Smooth the brow

Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of your forehead (without the thumbs). Move your fingers with a slight downward motion, ending at the end of your eyebrows. Repeat this exercise four to five times. Do not pull the skin! Lightly cross it.

This removes tension from your forehead and maintains collagen production.

Flirty eyes

Place your index fingers horizontally under the eyes, exactly when the nostrils expand on the nose. Then form the mouth in the shape of the letter O, but take the lips inside, hiding your teeth. Look at the ceiling and blink as much as you can. Do this for about 30 seconds and feel the muscles around your eyes engaging. 

With this motion, we lift the upper part of the eye area and prevent wrinkling of the eyes and the formation of brown circles.

The Giraffe

We place the fingers of both hands under the chin, gently pulling them down to the collarbone as we go backward with our head. We repeat this action two or three times and then we stick our fingers to the collarbone and raise our chin as high as possible. Pull the lower lip upwards to increase the position. While holding this position for about 15 seconds you'll feel that the muscle in your neck is stimulated and activated.

This exercise helps us build stronger muscles in the front of our neck. It also tightens the part under the jaw, so we won't have problems with excess skin under the chin.

Acupressure points

Place your index finger between your eyebrows. You can also close your eyes while performing this exercise if you like. Breathe deeply and pay attention to your breath. Make circular motions in one direction and then in the other. Do this for about ten seconds and then go and pinch your jaw line with two fingers and tomb. Head from the chin to the ends of your jaw. Repeat this three times. The last point in this exercise is the ears. Gently pull the ear bags with your index finger and thumb three times. Then we do the same with the middle part of the ear. And finally with the upper part of the ear. 

Pressing and poling these points will stimulate circulation on the whole face and improve our skin tone. It will help us get rid of stress and, believe it or not, to sleep better!

Importance of healthy diet

I believe you have been on certain diets so far. Who isn't? I don’t think there is a person in the world who at some point in their life hasn’t restricted their diet to reduce their weight. It's difficult to accept the idea that short diets cannot fully sustain our idea of ​​a perfect line, so we need to embrace ​​healthy living in the right way. 

When we understand what we are doing for our body, and it's our only home that depends on us, nothing will be difficult to do. A handful of recipes, interesting meals, flavors, cuisines from all over the world will make this journey interesting! I promise! 

Physical activity, trips, running, or brisk walking will bring more joy into our day, into our years. And everyone you come in contact with will notice a difference not only physical but spiritual. Because with a healthy lifestyle we develop both mind and body.

No change is easy, especially if it takes us away from the comfort zone. But if we know that our comfort zone has put us in a position where we are not happy with the results it provides, it will be easier for us to take the first steps towards our victorious goals. A healthy diet, healthy living habits are the key to a quality life and it is time to apply them to yourself!

General Exercise and Activity

Unfortunately, we live in a time when we are tied to a chair, computer, armchair, laptop, phone … we live in a time when physical activity has become an obligation if we want to be healthy, so we need to make the best use of every free moment. 

The easiest way to get started is to walk. With every movement our body is more and more grateful! All our organs are stimulated by the most ordinary walking, we will fill the body with precious oxygen and we will be able to pass every next working day with more energy.

If we don’t have time for long walks or going to nature, we always have the option of training at home. In half an hour to an hour, we can do very high-quality training without any devices, just with our own body. It's important to move those legs, those arms, the abdomen, the buttocks … to remind them how much they can do!

Another great option is dancing! Turn on the music, put the lights out, grab your microphone and shake your hips, jump as if you were in the front rows of your favorite band. This is a great release of energy, and our favorite music will make us recover so great. This type of training is a lot of fun, it squeezes the last drop of sweat out of you and you feel reborn. Garantided!

So do what you find interesting but keep up with it, connect with yourself and with the world around you. Recharge your batteries any time you can!

What is the cause of face fat? 

There is no specific reason why we gain weight in the face, it is simply a consequence of the accumulation of excess fat in our body. When we gain weight, our body distributes fat deposits on every part of the body. In the same way, a certain part of the fat ends up in our faces. Every organism is different and everybody distributes fat differently, that's why there are so many differently built people. 

If you can see change on your face as soon as you gain a few extra pounds, your body simply stores fat in this way and will also remove it when we start the weight loss process. Apply the exercises I have recommended along with other physical activities and as soon as you stimulate your body you will notice a difference in appearance not only in your face but in your entire body!

Can chewing gum reduce face fat? 

Chewing gum is a great thing for the muscles on our face and it will help you reduce face fat. But we must be aware that in addition to chewing gum, we must do other exercises for the face. If we’re talking about losing weight, just chewing gum won’t do anything special if you just stick to the stimulation of the muscles responsible for moving the jaw. 

If we want to stimulate our body it must work in harmony, to use every part of itself to move, and then we can put pressure on a certain part of the body. Yes, chewing is great, it will move our jaw, strengthen the muscles in that part of the body but ultimately it’s a partial approach. It helps us reduce face fat only if we do that as part of facial exercise. 

Activate all the muscles on your face and include chewing gum as a super stimulation in combination with other exercises and your result will be great!


Losing weight can be a very interesting process even though many people go through this stressful stage at first. In addition to embracing healthy habits and making positive changes for our body, the transformation process is miraculous! I remember the first time I noticed results on my body, a true love was born at that moment for the path I have chosen.

Whatever we are concentrating on, face, abdomen, thighs, arms … it is important to know the synchronization of our body and to stimulate it with exercises in the right way. Set aside five minutes for facial exercises, set the alarm half an hour earlier, and do the exercises that will move you on a working day, walk, swim … go up the stairs and not the elevator. Everything starts from small life habits and builds the big ones in which we look proud! 

I'm glad I shared my story with you here! Hope that in this article I have conducted my experience to you in the right way. I know how personal experience can help motivate someone in the right direction. Knowing that someone there is sharing “the trouble” with you, helps. Certainly, without your own goals and enough desire, nothing will move you, so decide right now what your first goal is and grab it!