People born under a lucky star have no problem with excess thigh fat, I believe we can count such people on our fingers! The rest of “the cursed us” have to work on shaping our legs to look good. This includes proper nutrition and of course regular training.

Each part of the body has its specific characteristics, and each metabolism is different, so you should listen to every piece of advice and stick to the one that best suits your body. Here I will share with you my experience when we talk about the weight loss on the thighs, which was the biggest challenge for me and my body build!

So let's get started!

Healthy diet – What should I eat to lose thigh fat?

If we want to transform our body into a figure we admire, we have to start with a healthy diet. Without it, you cant reach the goal! We can train to the maximum, but if the diet doesn't follow that rhythm, we put the effort for nothing. The diet carries 80% of our diameter for the better! Only with it, physical activity gives real results!

Depending on your metabolism, you’ll choose the diet that suits you best. I know a lot of people who struggle on various diets, and that has no point at all. The purpose of the diet you choose is that you feel better. What you eat feeds your body cells, not bothers it, so it’s important to choose the right foods that your belly loves!

Here are three different diets, focused on the different types so you can try the one you like:

Protein diet

The basis of a protein diet are foods rich in protein and extremely low in carbohydrates. A protein-rich diet helps better transfer oxygen and nutrients to our cells. During a protein diet, there is a large selection of foods that you are allowed to eat, you just have to pay attention to the amount you take in your body:

  • meat: chicken, turkey, goose, duck, beef, veal, pork, lamb, all kinds of offal, game, dried meat, and sausages. 
  • fish: all species – marine, freshwater, and canned
  • salads: fresh lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, seafood
  • eggs
  • vegetables and mushrooms
  • milk and milk products other than cheese
  • beverages: water, mineral water, lemon juice, black coffee, tea – without sugar


Eight hours diet – Intermittent Fasting

This diet is great for people who don’t like to limit themselves. It has proven to be very effective in recent years and people around the world have achieved great results with it. Its essence is that you can eat whatever you want! You can even eat as much as you want! 

But, BUT what spoils everyone's fun is that it's all allowed within ONLY 8 hours during the day. For the other 16 hours, you are allowed to drink water, tea, and coffee without sugar. This way, while you are not eating, your body burns your fat and cleanses itself of toxins. The results are visible quite quickly if your body likes this regimen.

Of course, it is desirable to eat as healthy as possible, we want our body to be healthy and resilient, so you should avoid junk food in general.

You can check out our intermittent fasting step by step beginners guide right here!

Chrono diet

Combining certain types of food at a certain time is the main idea of ​​a Chrono diet. It is based on the fact that our body produces different amounts of hormones during the day that affect the digestion of different types of food. The creator of this diet has devised which foods should be eaten at a time when a certain hormone is at its peak. The point is not to skip meals and eat for 4-5 hours.


Remember the following three things: complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You should not drink coffee before breakfast, but only a cup of herbal tea or lemonade. Breakfast should be between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Stay away from corn and wheat. Combine cheese, foods containing starch, eggs, or meat, and provide yourself with energy for the day ahead! Do not eat food with additives.


You should never mix carbohydrates and proteins for lunch – remember that well! Beef, lamb, pork, veal and other foods rich in quality protein is the best choice for lunch. Stay away from meat stuffed with additives. Fresh vegetable salad is a good choice for lunch. Lunch should be from 12:00 to 13:30.

Snack between meals

Sweets and fruits can also be consumed with a Chrono diet, but never in the morning. They are allowed in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner. We advise it to be dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa, which can also be with dried fruit. The snack should be between 17:00 and 18:30


When it comes to Chrono nutrition, you must know that dinner is the most important meal here. Dinner should include proteins from white chicken or, what is an even healthier option – from fish. There is also a good old salad, which you can prepare from white or green vegetables. Stay away from bread, pastries, or pasta. Dinner should be after 19:00, at least one hour before bedtime – so that your stomach has time to digest food.

Exercise and Workout

Once we have found the right diet for ourselves the next step is to start training. Removing fat from a certain part of the body can be difficult because our body isn't focused only on a certain part when losing weight. When you training the body loses fat evenly, so it is our turn to target what we want! 

You can be more focused on some part of the body with the exercises, but don't be discouraged if the results on that part aren’t so visible in the beginning. Give your body time to get into the weight loss process!

If we are focused on the legs, mostly the thighs, there are some great exercises we can’t do without. Let's go through it together:


Of course, we start with squats. Are you excited as I am? 🙂 This is an ideal exercise for losing fat in the thigh area. It moves the muscles on our buttocks, tightens the front of our legs, and does great things without any equipment. Only with our weight! 

You can raise the level and add a few pounds on yourself while performing it, but for a start, it will be enough to perform this exercise with your own weight.

All you need to do is to spread your feet shoulder-width apart and then hold your arms straight in front of you while lowering your back as much as you can. Be careful of your posture, it should be parallel to the ground. Do this for 30 repetitions or more if you like in 3-4 series. 


I have to admit that this exercise defeated me at the very beginning! It looked so simple and when performed it showed how challenging it is. But there is no giving up! It’s great for the upper muscles of your leg, it targets your thighs and you’ll feel the activation of the muscles where you want.

First, stand tall with your right foot forward and left one back 3 feet apart, bend the knees to lower the body down towards the floor. Keep the right knee behind the toes, keep the upper body straight. Keep practicing, this will do a lot for the strength of your lower body!

Hip Thrusts

It's all about the power in your glutes! A simple and so effective exercise. This exercise moves the muscles in a specific way, stretching our hips and hips like nothing else. These movements stimulate the muscles of the gluteus, legs, and lower abdomen in groups and form a very powerful structure on the body.

To perform the exercise, all you need is a low bench. Use weights in the weight that suits you, and increase your resistance over time. The bar should go directly on your upper thigh, directly below your crotch. Be careful in performing this exercise so that the weight doesn't cause injury! Place the edge of the bench pad across the middle part of the back—right below the shoulder blades. Your feet should be directly under your knees, so when you fully extend into the lift, your knees make a 90-degree angle with the ground. Then return to the starting position and repeat this exercise several times. God jab!


In addition to all the exercises in the world, yoga charm like an elegant lady who attracts attention with her calmness, ease of movement, and breath! Yoga brings us to balance in life, it moves both body and spirit. It learns us to control the universe and somehow we begin to look at the world from another angle.

There are several types of yoga. Many yoga instructors have designed their own programs, so depending on your needs, yoga will adapt to you. Whichever type you choose, you will be satisfied! 

Many yoga poses create great loads for the leg and thigh area. In just a few movements it will warm them up and activate them properly. Check out some of the poses at this link. 

Can walking reduce thigh fat?

Walking can help reducing thigh fat. It’s a very important type of activity for the whole organism and especially for the lower part of our body. By increasing the intensity and speed of walking, we increase the warming of the body and thus the weight loss process.

Fast walking is a great way to speed up your metabolism, and many studies have proven the benefits of this activity. It's not an Olympic sport for nothing! 🙂

Walking up the hill is also a great exercise for losing extra pounds, especially on your legs. In addition to gaining better fitness form, you also strengthen muscle mass! That is why all doctors recommend that we exceed 10K steps a day to preserve our organism.

Get your sneakers on and enjoy movement!

What is the fastest way to lose thigh fat?

The fastest way to lose thigh fat is to balance your meals and introduce regular physical activity in your life. Without a healthy diet and regular training, we cannot expect results in any field. The only thing that brings results beyond this is an illness, and we don't want that for anyone. A healthy and correct way to lose weight involves mental and physical strength, focus on the goal, and understanding your body.

With the exercises I have listed in this article, you will do a great job for your thighs, and adjust your diet to the needs of your body. Match the two and you will proudly walk your sexy thighs on the beach this summer 🙂

Can you lose weight on certain body parts?

Luckily or unfortunately, we can't lose weight only on one part of the body. Imagine that… That would be interesting! Our organism is a complex machine, it works in harmony and draws resources from many sides. To satisfy our idea of ​​losing weight, it uses them from all over the body. The good thing is that with exercises we can focus on certain parts and in that way stimulate the muscles in the region so we can see the results faster. 

Some people lose weight on their stomachs more easily, some people barely remove fat from it. Each organism is a story for itself. You don’t need to bother too much with this issue, let your body get rid of the extra pounds in its way. Your job is to stimulate it enough. The results will not be missed, that's for sure.


Losing weight is a challenge in itself, most often people have problems with the legs and abdomen. For me, removing excess fat from the thighs was a real struggle. Although we move legs almost all the time that part of the thigh is often not stimulated enough. That is why it's necessary to do exercises and move those muscles to tighten and remove fat deposits. By using the exercises I shared with you today and a healthy diet, I brought my thighs into a nice and sexy shape. Hope that your work will pay off too!

Set a goal for yourself, come to terms with your shortcomings, do everything to make that reflection in the mirror smiling, and be proud! A healthy diet, regular physical activity, and a positive attitude are all you need for the changes that are coming