Finding the motivation to lose weight can be a pretty nerve-racking thing.

Let me guess. You can't be motivated by the idea of eating healthy food? I mean, who can be motivated by the pain after the gym, or that awful muscle soreness? Or you are simply thinking: “I'm fine, I'll start working on it soon” but when the night falls down and you turn on the Netflix and grab that beautiful ice cream or chips you are satisfied but in the same time kinda sad because you WANT to drop that?

How many times did you promise yourself you will lose that weight, but in the end, nothing happens because you can't really find motivation stronger than late-night cravings for food?



I was there and I know how you feel. Finding motivation is really key for successful weight loss. To be honest with you, motivation is even more important than a healthy diet or exercise. Because if you lack motivation, you won't enjoy the process.

But what if I tell you there's a legit, real and fully legal way to get paid for losing weight?

What if I tell you there is actually a company out there willing to give you thousands of dollars if you get rid of those extra pounds?

Good news. There actually is a way to get that and it's 100% real and legit.

Bad news? None. There's just too much good news about this and I'm so excited to tell you everything about it!


What is HealthyWage and how to make money losing weight?


The easiest way to explain this is basically you make a bet. But it's not gambling because you are fully in control.

When you place a bet there are two possible outcomes:

  • You lose weight and you get paid
  • You don't lose weight you bet on and you lose your money.


Pretty straightforward right?

They explained their system in the simplest possible way and there are a ton of people who made it and earned solid money for small investment.

This is how it works:


1. You get in and use Healthy Wage Prize calculator to calculate your prize


At this point, you choose the pace. You set up how much weight you want to lose (it must be at least 10% of your current weight), select the time frame you need to lose weight and how much money are you willing to bet per month.

Play with the options, and see what's the best option for you.

Prize calculator is really cool and you can find the really awesome option that works for you. The best thing about it? Prizes go up to $10,000!


2. Create your account to place your bet


It's easy, you'll just have to type in a few basic information like your current weight, height, waist size, etc.


3. Verify your weight


Don't start running and dieting just yet! HealthyWage needs to know your information is honest, so you will need to verify your weight. Also, once you reach your goal you will need to verify your weight one more time. That way, HealthyWage ensures you are trustworthy and that you really reached your goal!

You can verify your account by uploading a video to their site and besides that, you have a few more alternatives, but you will get all the information in there.


4. Drop the fat and make it rain


That simple.

If you manage to accomplish your goal HealthyWage will pay you your prize.

If you, however, don't lose it, your monthly bets will be used for supporting HealthyWage and future winners.


Simple right?

Money can be awesome motivation but again you're alone there.

Luckily HealthyWage was thinking about that too so in their option Team Challange they allow you to create a team of 5 and pursue your goal with your team.

You can even connect with other HealthyWaggers that are on a similar mission!

How cool is that?


How they calculate your prize?


Well, what's the secret recipe for Coca-Cola?

It's kinda the same with HealthyWage. They have their own secret recipe and their algorithm is simply the math. However, no one knows the formula but the most important thing is that their algorithm is working to always have a win-win situation.

The algorithm is constantly being updated and improved, and you can't really get through it. Two people in similar situations could have different prizes, so there's no pattern. The algorithm does its job well and that's been proven many times.

You also have an option to increase your earnings by referring others to the program. A healthy wage will put some extra money in your pocket as a token of gratitude, and again – everybody wins.


Is HealthyWage real, legit, and worth it?


Yes, Healthy Wage is definitely worth it if your intentions of losing weight are serious and planned ahead.

The company started back in 2009, and since then they've been featured in some of the most popular TV Shows and media like Good Morning America, NPR, and Today Show.

If these big names are not enough for you to trust them, then real people's stories might change your mind.

So you can be sure that they are real and legit.

But when it comes to the “is it worth it” part that's totally up to you.

My personal opinion is it's definitely worth it.

Money is not the only thing you will get at the end of your journey.

Yes, getting a few hundred or thousand dollars just for losing weight is a big benefit, but don't forget the most important part: if you succeed you will get a new, healthy and fit body.

Health always comes first, and besides your wallet, your heart, liver, and family will be thankful and happy for you.


What if everyone loses weight and win the prize? How will they earn money?


When speaking about a company this big I'm pretty sure they don't only have only one source of income like lost bets.

They are 10 years on the market and they didn't encounter a situation like that ever. They surely have multiple sources of income, and their system obviously works:

  • Customers like you and I are happy because we get paid for achieving our goal
  • HealthyWage makes money and most important: They motivate people to live a healthier life.

We will agree that no one lives from gratitude, but in the end, while both sides win, having someone's gratitude is really motivating.

They are financed by insurers, food companies, the government, etc.

Don't worry, even if everyone wins the bet, HealthyWage will be able to fulfill their part of the job.


Is my payment secure?


HealthyWage is committed to protecting the security of your personal and payment information. All collected and submitted data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and is on secure servers. They partnered with a highly reputable third-party payment processor and they do not store your information on their system.


Why HealthyWage actually works?


You would think that people get in there just because of the money they can win, and you are partially right. But they don't end up completing just because of the money, and that's the most fascinating thing about it.

You see, HealthyWage doesn't just take your money and goes like “Thank you for your payment. Now drop that fat, and we'll give you the prize. Otherwise, your money is ours!”

They don't ever leave you alone because they know that losing weight can be a harsh process.

Their Team Challenge idea is incredible and that's what intrigues me the most because when you have people around you with the same goal as yours, you can't be demotivated at any time! Whenever you feel down, or just want to quit even though your bet is on, your team is there for you, to get you up and running again!

And even if you decide to go alone, you are not really alone. There are more than 40,000 people on the HealthyWage Facebook Page and all of them with HealthyWage itself will be happy to provide you support and shed some light during dark moments.



HealthyWage is as real, legit, and trustworthy as it gets. They WILL pay you to reach your goal and that's so inspiring.

To be honest with you I regret not knowing about them when I was 360 pounds heavy! I could have won thousands!

But I'm happy to know about them now because every source of motivation helps to change someone's life.

My ultimate goal is to help other people lose weight just like I did, and HealthyWage is one of my new favorite ways to do it when it comes to motivation.

You now have all the information you need.

It's up to you.

Will you lose money or weight?

Sign up now!

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