Very few feelings can compare to a combination of fulfillment and exhaustion after a workout. Every muscle in you has given its maximum and you are proud of yourself for having a strong focus through training. Well, it’s time to treat yourself! 

Through training, I look forward to the little things that await me later. In moments of weakness, it gives me the strength to keep pushing. So without a shred of conscience, I can snuggle in my happy place after a workout. 

Enjoy the process of creating a piece of paradise in which you'll step freshly showered! That feeling is soooooo good… I can't wait to share my list with you! Let's start!

Don’t get the sweets, get the protein shake!

We all know how much the body longs for recovery after a workout. It wants that delicious, creamy, sugary reward but we know a little better than that desire! We don't want to ruin our efforts, sweat, and sometimes I have to admit a tear or two, or a curse… or all of that together!

I know, the thought of sweets triggers drooling like a child right away, but fortunately, we live in the 21st century. There are so many alternatives, healthy options that will feed our tired muscles and satisfy that desire for a refined taste. 

Let's pray for a protein shake! Literally, that kind of love and respect is felt by all those who are versed in its magical effects. In addition to doing the most correct thing for your body after exhausting exercises, you'll feel pleasure with every sip. And the taste… If u can think of it, there's a protein shake with that flavor! 

Roll out in a bathrobe, take your shake and be proud of yourself. The feeling is beautiful and you made yourself stronger and healthier!

Want to know what's the best protein shake? Read our guide here! I'm sure it's going to blow your mind!


This is the simplest and most logical move for your body to do after training. We can hardly wait to lie down, relax the muscles and at the same time play the image of the results of training in our head. A great way to regain lost energy!

You may find it funny, what's so rewarding here? But for me, this is one of the best things I reward myself with!

The level of satisfaction that the body feels as it releases all the happy hormones and thanks to you for the efforts you put in the training, it's remarkable. Take a moment in that rest to clear your mind, to process everything you have achieved. Allow yourself to wander around the desires you approach with each workout more and more.

If you want your body to function properly, you'll rest. Forget about rushing after a workout. If you are busy at the time, increase the intensity of your training but be sure to leave your muscles to recover for a few moments. If we skip part of the “rest recovery” we didn't do our training properly. So listen to your body as it listens to you as you train hard! 


Do you know that feeling of someone taking you and stretching like chewing gum in all directions? Mmmm… I can feel it right now! Of course, you do, if you're training it’s the feeling you crave after the hard exercise. Since, unfortunately, there is no one strong enough to lift and stretch us that way, we have to do it for ourselves.

Stretching is a part of training and if we take care of our body we stretch regularly, but can we stop there for a moment? Feel free to stretch as long as possible! Slow down, use the moment of your stretching to really feel the muscle you are paying attention to. We all kind of take it for granted, we do that stretch by default but really, focus! 

By shifting your attention to the moment you are in, the effect increases, you will notice a difference. You’ll feel excitement and satisfaction with every movement. After a good stretch, the body is more energetic, and the inflammation of the muscles is less possible, which means that we can handle our further obligations without painful movements. And we have all been there, we know how painful one step can be. Stretch it out! 

Have a healthy meal

If someone offered me a million dollars or food after quality training, I would reach for food without thinking! Hunger is a powerful trigger and our body wants that energy back. We don’t need to limit ourselves when it comes to food, we just need to recognize our habits and realize how great it is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

The meal you prepare, or if you have the pleasure of having it prepared for you, should be nutritionally balanced BUT ALSO TASTY. I remember my first recipes and the chaos in the kitchen until I mastered the secrets of cooking and healthy food. I remember wondering if healthy food could taste this good? And yes, it can!

If you are a meat lover, reward yourself with grilled chicken and some awesome fresh salad, if you don't use meat in your diet, be sure to include legumes and fresh fruit. Porridge with berries and crumbs of dark chocolate, they speak a million languages ​​to me! And I understand it all 🙂 Fish and seafood, vegetable stews, healthy pizza… I can go on and on. There are so many healthy meal options to enjoy after hard training, don't hesitate on it, you earned it! 


We can meditate without training, but the power that meditation has after the body gets taught workout is on a whole new level. The mind and the body must be in harmony if we want to make quality progress in every aspect of life, including health. Through physical activity, we build our body, and through meditation, we build the spirit! One must not have an advantage over the other.

The right form of meditation takes time, patience, and peace. We have to master our thoughts and channel them in the right direction, which can sometimes be harder than the most difficult physical exercises. One of the important things with meditation is the greatness of a spirit that can be at peace with itself. In a modern lifestyle, this can be a straw of salvation for us and a way to find our path under the sky.

There are several ways to learn how to meditate, how to prepare and be in it, how to stay focused and in a zone. Find the method that suits you best, because we are not the same and what pleases me may not click for you. But that's the beauty of meditation! Dive into your own depths and discover the magical world within you!


Every step in our life doesn't have to make sense, it's important to know where those steps are going, what their goal is, and as long as they move in the right direction, be satisfied! This is exactly the message I want to share with you if we talk about rewarding ourselves after everything in life, not just after training. 

If we know how to make joy and pleasure out of small things, we will look at everything in a brighter and better way! We can't plan every training, every vacation, every meal, every drink, every smile and hug down to the smallest detail, but we must give everything we can to be in charge. 

Choose your destination and enjoy the journey to it, reward yourself, stumble, get up, keep going! Learn what pleases your body and soul, listen to it carefully, be a team player and everyone will want to follow your example. Keep pushing forward and then treat yourself, you deserve it!