Do you know what is the savage level of veganism? It's raw food diet. I read so much about it, good and bad, and I figured that all those people were like trying to speak the words of science, but I doubt that anyone actually tried it.


raw food diet


Well, that's what I'm here for. As a huge fan of meat, I would never take that nutrition regime. Well, unless it is a challenge… And yes, it was a challenge, and I was on raw food diet for 15 days. So if you are tired of all those articles on what did the science said about raw food diet, stick around. You will hear everything you need to know about raw food diet. You will also hear about my own personal experience with it, and I will give you the book of recipes I made in order to make it easier for you if you decide to try it. 




What is the Raw Food Diet?


As always, my question is the same: What's the point of doing something you don't enjoy? You have to love the process! In my case, I absolutely love challenges! I enjoy discovering the limits of my body and to watch how does it behave in those situations.

One of those challenges was the raw food diet that my girlfriend recommended as an experiment. We read all kinds of testimonials and a whole bunch of articles where we found ourselves a bit confused. Many of those articles were science-based, but they were all having some kind of conflicts.

That was a sign for me that this food regime is kinda like North Korea (don't laugh now, it really is!). Everyone knew that exists, and everyone heard all kinds of story about it, but no one actually knows what's going on in there.

So basically I decided to put myself on a test, and live this regime for 15 days. And boy, was I surprised…

Raw food diet (also known as raw foodism or raw veganism) practically means eating completely raw and unprocessed food. A food is considered raw if it has never been heated over 104°F (40°C). But I went hardcore, without any type of warming up food, including soft-boiling.

Everything is based on eating fruits and veggies, with absolutely no meat and dairy products. That is the vegan part. Raw part, however, is when you don't process food in any way, and just eat it like that. Raw.

So for better understanding, raw food diet is actually savage mode veganism.




What can I eat on this diet?


Every single thing that nature (from the flora part, fauna does not obey rules) provided you with is a green light for you. The only rule is that you don't boil or grill or process the food.

I assume that potato will not be that tasty anymore, but hey, apples are close enough!

90% of the raw food diet is primarily fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Here is the list of things that you can eat every day.

raw food diet

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes
  • Dried or dehydrated fruits
  • Raw nut butter
  • Cold-pressed oils (olive, coconut, almond, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Nut milk
  • Seaweed
  • Sprouts (very recommended)

If you plan to be on this diet for a longer period of time I suggest getting a food dehydrator. There are really cool foods that you can make with it like kale chips, and it makes this diet a lot easier.

Just in case, here are some foods you definitely need to avoid:

  • Cooked and baked food
  • Roasted nuts and seeds
  • Refined oils (it's usually sunflower oil)
  • Table salt (but you can use Himalayan salt)
  • Refined sugars and flour
  • Pasteurized juices and dairy
  • All types of drinks except water and squeezed juice (you can take an orange, and squeeze the juice out of it). That includes coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas, etc.
  • Pasta and pastries
  • Chips and crisps
  • Other processed foods




Is Raw Food Diet healthy?


The whole idea behind the raw food diet is getting back to our roots.

Ancient people didn't have any burgers or pizzas. They didn't even have any stoves and ovens, and we won't even mention factories and mass production. Believe it or not, they mostly ate vegetables and fruits they managed to find somewhere.

People who promote raw food as the way of life often speak about how human jaw is not made to chew meat. We are more likely to have the jaw of herbivorous than carnivore. That actually makes sense, because when you look at the jaw and teeth of the horse or cow they are very similar to ours. Lions and tigers teeth are nothing like humans.

While they may be right at that one, they are definitely wrong when it comes to tools of promotion.



Boiling and cooking destroy enzymes in food?


Correct. However, we shouldn't care much about that, because our body produces its own enzymes that break large food molecules into smaller ones.

Boiling food has a lot of pros and cons. There are numerous researches proving that boiling kills nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B but it also increases the availability of other nutrients and antioxidants.

Overall, boiling the food will do no harm to you, but also if you stop doing it, you won't get sick or die. Cooked food has a higher glycemic index, and its not that weight loss friendly as many people think.



What are the health benefits of the diet?


Even though science is still researching this young way of eating, it's inevitable that raw food diet is absolutely healthy and good for you.

First records date from the 1800s where people started this raw food diet as a way of life (originally after ancient man), but it became a trend just a few years ago. Raw food diet proved its powers in many cases, but its superpower is destroying and preventing cancer.

Here's the story from a woman that discovered raw food diet in her fifties when she got cancer.

I've been battling my weight for entire life. Watching calories, getting fat, losing fat, round and round. I hated vegetables since I was a kid, and I adored meat, mash potatoes, and fries. My parents used to force me to eat soups and greens but I never enjoyed them. The only thing that was saving me was my love for fruits. I moved to Paris as a freshman at their University, and I didn't have the money to eat in restaurants. I was also too lazy to cook, so I ate the fruit all the time. Back then, vegetarians were considered as some kind of a sect, so nobody was talking about healthy food. I ate cheap burgers and fries, and fruit when I had no money. Well, twenty years later my body decided to charge me for every mistake I made over decades and every bad eating habits. I got cancer. I went through aggressive barbaric methods of medicine, and when they ended up with me, I was practically disabled – no salivary glands, no epiglottis, larynx ripped out, permanently without hair due to weight loss and stress, dead skin, with immunity on zero. An old woman with no teeth because of radiation and chemotherapy, whose blood counts could not be repaired. I decided to heal myself with food and so I started eating strong and hard food, milk, eggs, bacon, homemade bread, and ended up making even a bigger mess. I got bad cholesterol and depression. My last hope was in my friend that looked younger and healthier every year, and I knew he was doing something different. He introduced me to the raw food diet, and I gave it a go. Today, ten years later I'm a 67 years old woman, healthy like I've never been in my whole life, practicing yoga every day and eating raw food every day. I'm teaching my grandchildren to consume food nature gave us, just the way it is. Health is not everything. But without it, everything is nothing.”

This is only one of the testimonials you can find online where raw food diet helped someone with a health issue. You will almost for sure lose weight on this diet because you will be in caloric deficit. Eating veggies, fruits, and grains will have major health benefits:

  • Blood pressure will be no more problem for you. Vegetables are loaded with magnesium and calcium which play a big role in controlling your blood pressure.
  • Low sodium intake will result in reducing the chance of getting heart issues, stroke, osteoporosis, colon cancer, and kidney disease.
  • Consuming natural fructose instead of refined sugars will instantly shut down your chance of getting diabetes type 2.
  • Because it's full of fiber, your digestive tract will be very thankful
  • You will have more energy
  • Your skin will be tightened up like never before




My experience


Well, to be honest with you I have mixed feelings about this one.

The good side is that it's healthy, and by healthy I mean healthy as the summer day long. I felt awesome. I had much more energy, my sleeping hours were shorter, and I was waking up rested and light. It's incredible how light you feel when you eat only raw food!

raw food diet

The bad side is that you have to educate yourself a lot before starting it and it's pretty expensive. Organic food tends to be a workout for a wallet, and it's the only one allowed in this program. Also, juicers, blenders, and dehydrators can cost a little fortune, but hey, it's for your own good!

I would recommend this diet to someone who:

  • is overweight
  • is not a big fan of meat
  • has enough time to make beautiful healthy meals
  • wants to detox the entire body for a while
  • has enough money to buy the quality stuff

If you are all that, then this is a real deal for you!

You will feel good and you will enjoy every moment of it. I still keep some healthy snacks habits from this menu, and they are awesome!

Many famous athletes like Venus Williams, Novak Djokovic, Kate Pallardy and Tom Brady are eating only raw food and they have the only word of praise. They are living proof that this diet can provide you with a huge amount of strength, stamina, endurance, and power. 




Need a shortcut? Here's everything prepared!


This diet cost me many hours of research, it slapped the S out of my wallet and got me tired of learning how to quickly make something, and not spend 2 hours in the kitchen just for 1 meal. But everything was worth it. I got huge benefits from it afterwards.

I decided to create a full recipe e-book to make it easy for you. And it's completely free.

Here's what you get with this book:

  • Quick recipes of meals, preparations explained in details
  • Every meal can be made under 15 minutes
  • No usage of the dehydrator
  • List of anti-cancer veggies and fruits + explained the health benefits of them
  • Not only meal recipes, but also how to make almond milk by yourself etc
  • Raw organic sweets recipes like milkshakes and chocolate

I really believe you will find these hours of research and testing in the form of the e-book very useful. If someone gave it to me when I started I would save so much time.

Download the book + Bonus, eat whatever and whenever you want, and lose weight! I bet no one told you anything like that before, haha!

That's it, folks!