Maybe you think this is going to be one more thing to do on your weight loss journey that's losing time but I will give you 5 reasons why you should document your weight loss journey.

No matter what you think about it, every single excuse you can find NOT to track your weight loss journey with pictures and data, this article will completely bash those excuses and hopefully, you'll realize some things I wish I knew when I was starting to lose weight.

Let's jump right into it:


1. Motivation


When you fall down and when you feel there's just no more getting up… We all know how that feels, right?

Freaking motivation man.

We all lack it sometimes, and we are fighting like it's our last day to find it, just to keep going.

The thing with motivation is that it can't just happen, like, it can't just fall off the sky… But think about this…

Before you started losing weight you took ass naked pictures of yourself. Then you started losing weight and within weeks you lost like 15, 20 or even 25 pounds. But the plateau hits you like a bucket of ice-cold water, and you ain't going anywhere.

And you lose motivation. Why should you continue? Why even bother? Your brain starts picking on you, and you don't even realize the most powerful weapon you have.

Go to that freaking mirror and take pictures of yourself, and then pull out the pictures before you started losing weight…

When you see how far you came, and how much you gave in, and how much IS really worth it, I guarantee you that you'll find the motivation to keep going in those hard times.

So there it is – the first reason why you should be documenting your weight loss journey.

Those pictures, even numbers of your weight and measurements will give you an actual insight on your progress and it's like hearing whispers… “You see you got it, just keep going!!!

Feel free to check out our complete weight loss motivation guide here.

Moving on:


2. It's easier to track calories


Documenting your weight loss journey by keeping the scale number constantly updated helps you track calories easily and efficiently because without knowing your actual weight, you won't be able to know the caloric number of your maintenance.

Keeping numbers on paper will help you stay laser-focused and get the results faster because you'll know exactly how much you need for weight loss and what's the caloric top limit for you.

Remember that 80% is diet and 20% is exercise and there's no way you can out-train the bad diet. No matter how hard you're sweating in the gym or running outside – if your diet is not under control, and you're just guessing the meal sizes, you will be surprised with zero to low results you're going to get.

Of course, tracking calories isn't for everyone.


3. Business opportunity


Many fitness trainers, inspirational and motivational people from the fitness world once started their journey just like you are doing today and they made a business of it. Most of them started a blog and some even wrote a book.

I mean look at me. I lost 143 pounds and all my friends and family were asking “how?”. Even years now after the initial weight loss, when I tell people I lost that amount of weight their first question is “how”.

Well then I decided to start writing a blog. I didn't even imagine it will be profitable, I just wanted to put all my knowledge on one website, and whenever someone asks HOW I just send them the link and they have everything.


4. You'll have priceless memories


Imagine this.

It's been 10, 15, 20 years from your weight loss journey, and now you have kids. Or even grandkids. Or you're simply sitting with your friends in a summer evening drinking wine or beer, and talking about old days.

Trust me, pulling that overweight photo of you will not just wow your friends, but will also bring you back all those memories and emotions of everything you went through to get to where you at now.

Also, your kids or grandkids will highly appreciate having a photo of you during one of your most important wins in your life.

We are not here to consume and die. We are here to experience, remember and leave a mark behind.

So take a notebook and start writing your journey as soon as possible because you never know where it can lead you, nor who will be thankful for it.


5. It keeps you grounded and sane


Weight loss journey can really play with your mind.

And when I say that I basically mean you don't get the best self-perspective because your brain chemistry is being changed.

When you hit a plateau you think that something is definitely not working, or that you simply can't lose weight.

Well, that's not entirely correct, and that's when your notes, diary, data, whatever your doing comes in and grounds you.

Only then you can see that you ARE making a progress and you only have to stay focused.

That's it, folks!

Hope you found this helpful!

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