Every time you make your muscles work and your body burn calories you are doing some kind of exercise. There is a lot of ways to have a physical activity such as running, walking, jogging, swimming, climbing, dancing…

Doing any type of exercise and being physically active has been shown to have a lot of health benefits.

Exercising doesn't just help with the physical state of the condition – it also plays a big role in mental health and being happy in general.

Here are 7 health benefits of regular exercise:


1. You will live longer


Studies showed that keeping our body active is what gives us energy and health.

You don't need a lot of time to do this, 15 minutes a day is enough to make a change in your life.

Being physically active decreases the chances of many illnesses. It improves your mood, you become happier and a lot less stressed which is very important nowadays when life is running so fast.

Exercising lowers your blood pressure, chances for heart disease, diabetes. Health problems like chances for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure are much less likely to happen if you keep working out. You'll have healthier bones, muscles, and healthier joints.


2. Avoid back problems in the future


Back problems when you get older can become a real pain in the… well, back!

Sitting long desk hours, resting home after work in that same position, are just ideal conditions to have back problems when you get older.

However, only 30 minutes to an hour helps you drastically improve your back health and get the blood moving.

Trust me when I say this, you might not feel all the benefits on your back now, but when you get older your back will be in a lot better shape than the rest of the folks your age!


3. Easily maintain weight or even lose it


Constantly watching what you're eating can become a real pain in the ass. But with exercising you can stay in a caloric deficit and eat more.

One of the nicest benefits of regular exercising is that it will help you maintain weight. We all tend to eat more than we need which often results in gaining weight.

Regular exercise gives you the possibility to stay in shape or if you want to lose weight you can easily get into a caloric deficit.


4. You can eat more calories


As already said in reason 3 – regular exercising burns calories, so maintaining weight is a lot easier.

This statement doesn't mostly belong to the health benefits of exercising but rather it belongs to our hedonistic feelings.

The main goal of exercising is being healthy, and a beneficial side-effect is losing calories so along with this goes that the more we exercise the more calories we lose so we also can eat more of them.

If you enjoy various foods and want still to look good you should start working out!


5. You will feel more mobile


While working out, your body becomes more flexible because you pretty much move every part of it when you do different types of exercises.

Even though we neglect it often, mobility is one of the most essential things of our being and we are definitely taking it for granted.

Did you ever stop to thank God, the universe, or The Force for being able to move and wiggle? Yep, me neither. And I'm kinda ashamed of it. I mean, think about what would your life be if you weren't mobile as you're right now.

Exercising definitely helps with increasing mobility and overall strength of your body, so for the sake of old you, start working out!


6. You will have more focus and a better mood overall


After the workout, your body gets flooded with dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin, and if you don't know what those are, they are pretty much “happiness” hormones.

Working out is a great way to lift your mood, to get rid of the stress you usually collected throughout the day.

Exercising is also an amazing way to channel anger, so saying that your anger management will be a lot easier.

The first thing I noticed when I started working out is having more focus on my everyday job and being a happier person overall. I prefer early morning workouts even before my breakfast and it's kinda weird to describe it, but when I dedicate that hour and 30 mins in the gym, shower myself and see it's 8:30 AM, I feel like I conquered the world.

I mean, the day didn't even start yet and I already accomplished something!


7. You will sleep better


No matter are you trying to lose weight or gain it, sleep is everything.

When you fall asleep your body is like locking the store and preparing it for the next day.

Lack of sleep can affect weight loss and it can definitely mess up your metabolism.

So if you're having trouble sleeping exercising will definitely help you with that, as exercising helps with blood flow, stress reduction and overall happy mood.

That's it, folks!

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