You all know how much easier is to watch someone talk about weight loss, fitness, their own personal experience rather than reading about it.

All of us kinda develop a better relationship when we see someone talking live when we see the face, emotions from the person speaking.


Education is the key when it comes to weight loss, and knowledge is often the best way for healthy weightloss journey. People LOVE to watch YouTube influencers talk about a certain subject, and fitness industry is expanding. Here are top 10 weight loss and fitness YouTube channels to follow in 2019. #extremeloser


YouTube is growing rapidly and even though there are still lots of us feeling stupid talking in the room to the camera we have to admit it – people tend to trust more YouTubers than bloggers.

Buthe t problem is the same just like with bloggers.

Who is trustworthy?

You may even feel more confused because people usually talk what they really believe? Reading is more like cold transfer of information where you can use your brain to figure is someone trust worthy, but YouTubers often do information transfer via emotions.

I researched that field a lot, especially when I was on the very beginning of my weight loss journey.

After years of browsing YouTube for quality content I have about 10 YouTubers who gained my trust.

These people are known for giving information backed up with science and I personally used many of their advices which turned out to be honest and true.

I hope some of these will also give you the answers you are looking for… But also you can always reach out to me, and I will give you the best answer I have! 🙂






I absolutely love these guys.

If you are looking for exercises videos I believe you can find every single exercise mankind ever invented on their channel.

They have over 500 exercise videos, and increadible amount of content that gives advice on nutrition and workout.

Since May 2010 these people never stopped uploading, and they usually post 3-4 videos per month.

Trust me when I say this, you will spend a shitload of time catching up before you get the bigger picture.

You can check out their YouTube channel here.






You would probably wonder why would I put someone with not so many subscribers and pretty new on YouTube.

Well, if you are not familiar with Ramona from Fitnizfury you should probably head over to her blog or YouTube channel and check her out.

Ramona runs a blog Fitnizfury for a while now and she has a great success with her clients. She started her YouTube channel somewhere around September 2018 because she wanted to get more personal with her audience.

But why is she still important enough to be on this list?

If you check out her blog you will see amazing amount of quality content about fitness and shape-your-body workouts. She is also a full time mom who still finds time to take care of her body.

She also has “Home Booty Guide” and “Home Strength Guide” where she helps girls to shape their lower body and lose weight in that process.

Ramonas YouTube channel is full of her clients testimonials, and before & after pictures of her clients are stunning.

She is basically on this list because her content is totally trust-worthy and pure quality.

You can check out her YouTube channel here.






I've been following this guy for so long because his story is truly similar to mine.

John David Glaude runs a YouTube channel called Obese to Beast, where you can get all kinds of tips and tricks about weight loss.

He is someone you should really check out if you are losing big amount of weight because he knows his shit – He lost about 170 pounds!

John was always the big(gest) kid in the school, and he got tired of it. After he learned how to play drumms on YouTube, he also learned everything about weight loss right there – on YouTube.

Funny thing is if you weight that much, and have that much to lose, you really can't learn everything on YouTube, or on some other platform. And I'm speaking from my own experience.

John is committed to help other people live healthier lives, and tips you can find on his channel are rarely to be found anywhere.

He's now CrossFit junkie and a vlogger, but most of his content is genuinely about weight loss.

What's really interesting about John is that he got a breakthrough when he faced his biggest insecurity – he made a video showing huge amounts of loose skin.

Facing your fears and insecurities in life is a step not many people take, even though it's a step forward.

Beside going forward in his life, that video got him featured at Ellen show.

John doesn't want to do a skin surgery. He is comfortable with the loose skin he has and he sees that like scars from the battle he won.

You can learn a lot about weight loss and skin health from John so feel free to check out his YouTube channel here




Dr. Eric Berg DC


I absolutely love Dr. Berg!

I found his channel when I started practicing ketogenic diet.

Dr. Berg is a doctor but the way he explains things is absolutley beautiful. He talks simple and everyone can understand. He always has a board behind him where he tries to visualize theory he's speaking.

I would reccomend everyone to watch Dr. Berg because it's the best way to educate yourself. Yes, you will find awesome information about weight loss on many other places, but if you are really interested how things work in your body, Dr. Berg's channel is the place.

You will see him mostly talking about the power of the keto diet, why you should drink apple cider vinegar, healthy nutrition and foods and weight loss in general.

He also loves intermittent fasting which is not really common thing among doctors – they usually believe in “eat every hour” diet.

You can check out his YouTube channel here.




Jordan Shrinks


Not all weight loss superstars are men.

In fact, women are known to be far more dedicated when it comes to weight loss than man.

Jordan managed to lose 130 pounds and now she has a YouTube channel about weight loss.

I love Jordan because she has a great sense of humor and you can see the passion about healthy life in all of her videos.

Just like John from ObeseToBeast she faced loose skin after weight loss, but she went and got it removed.

Her content is unique, because not just she talks about losing weight, she also talks about weird stuff your body is going through in that process.

On her channel you will find lots of cool stuff, and if you're a woman I believe she will be most helpful in your journey.

Girls get girls, right?

You can check out her YouTube channel here.




Pretty Keli


Keli has the best moto I've ever heard.

“Giving REAL Women Photoshopped Bodies”

She started making videos long time ago and over the time she became pretty big influencer in the weight loss industry.

You can find all kinds of things on her channel like detox teas, how-to guides on shaping your body, but also dating advice and other things.

I find her cool and information she provides do have value.

You can check her YouTube channel here.






ATHLEAN-X is a channel and company founded by Jeff Cavaliere back in 2009.

Jeff was born in 1975 and since he was a kid he loved sport. He trained boxing, baseball and many others, and after finishing his education he begain writing for Men's Fitness and he still does till very this day.

He mostly focuses on building lean bodies. There are several videos where he takes people and gives them his plan, trains them personally.

To be honest with you, their transformations are increadible. Jeff really knows what he's talking about.

I always love to promote someone who's not in the game for the money, but to provide value to people who need that. When Jeff is talking you can see the fire in his eyes, and he's pumped like all the time.

In his videos there's no bro-science. Everything is based on facts and proven.

On the other hand, he is more a fan of traditional weight loss, having more but smaller meals. That's not a bad thing if you know how to balance those meals, but in case you don't Jeff got you covered.

You can learn everything about building muscle, shaping your body and losing weight on his channel here.




Hodge Twins


Good old Hodge Twins.

I believe they are one of the oldest YouTubers on the platform, and they are still uploading until this day.

They have a two YouTube accounts, Twin Muscle and Hodge Twins Vlogs. On their Twin Muscle channel you can find everything about building a perfect body.

Their story is very simple. They've been fasting for years. And they don't do regular intermittent fasting, they go hardcore.

One meal per day.

You would think that's extremly hard but to be honest with you it really isn't.

I've tried their method, and after few days you get used to it. And results are phenomenal.

I love Hodge twins because they are really funny and raw, they are not trying to be something they're not. Beside that I love their approach in educating people about intermittent fasting, building muscle and weight loss.

They don't have regular videos like “10 SuperFoods that Shrink Your Waist”.

They get huge specter of questions from their following, and they simple answer those questions in their videos.

You will most definitely learn something new, get the smile on your face and get motivated.

You can check out their YouTube channel here.




Zanna van Dijk


Zanna is a personal trainer, fitness vlogger, model and founder of #girlgains movement.

I love her YouTube channel because she always has a smile on her face and her tips are truly phenomenal.

You can find all kinds of things there including workout routines, nutrition tips, living a balanced life tips and travel tips.

I love traveling and I always admired people who manage to organize their meals on the go. Even though that seems not really hard, you should try it yourself. It's hard as funk!

Zanna seems to have everything completly organized but still she leaves impression of spontanious life, which is awesome.

You can learn a lot from her if you check her YouTube channel here.




Keto Connect


If you are a fan of keto diet you MUST subscribe to these people.

Matt and Megha are a keto couple from Atlanta and they solve biggest issue keto diet has: menu.

When I was on keto diet I got borred eating cheese, avocado and chicken, and I really craved lots of foods.

One day I was searching for keto sweets and found their channel.

Beside sweets, I discovered they have a shit load of recipes for people on keto diet, and they write macros on all of them.

For me, their content is priceless. They helped so many people stay on track and even though they are just showing you how to work in your kitchen while on keto, they really helped many people lose weight


So that's about it it!

What's your favorite YouTube channel for weight loss and fitness? Let me know in comments!

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