We said numerous times that weight loss is more than a goal these days. It became an anchor for the fitness industry. Saying that finding the right services to help you lose weight can be a lot trickier than you thought. One of those alternative treatments is ultrasonic cavitation treatment which can help you tone up your body and make it slim down. But how does exactly ultrasonic cavitation help you with your weight loss goals?

In simple words: Ultrasonic cavitation therapy for weight loss uses low-frequency sound waves to bust and burst fat cells, which may result (if you follow the rules after the therapy) in losing inches around the treated area.

Over the last few years, it became very popular as alternative liposuction, because unlike traditional liposuction it doesn't require surgery to remove fat.

The best way to explain all this is to go through frequently asked questions. So…


What is ultrasonic cavitation?


Ultrasonic cavitation treatment is the procedure based on treating your body (usually a specific area) with an ultrasound device similar to that used in pregnancy scans that emits low-frequency sound waves, which burst subcutaneous fat cells.


How does ultrasonic cavitation work?


It's very simple. An ultrasound device makes light suction on the area you wish to lose fat. After that, it starts vibrating, heating, and releasing low-frequency sound waves. Fat cells start to burst in the fat cell membrane and after a little bit, they liquify release their contents into the bloodstream.

Cavitation doesn't really destroy fat cells. It just empties them from their content which means they are able to store the fat again.

In practice, all you have to do is to book your treatment where you want to, and when you get there remove clothes and allow therapists or technicians to do all the work.


Does ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss really work?


Yes, ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss definitely works. Results may vary since not everybody is the same but they are most certainly to appear after 24 hours.

In most cases, they will take your measures before and after the treatment, and you are likely to see results there.

I found that in most cases you should be able to see 1-4 centimeters difference before and after the treatment which is really good!


Is it safe?


Absolutely. Ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss is a safe, non-invasive method of liposuction.


How long do results last?


Let's get real for a second here.

Even though this is a non-invasive liposuction method, this is not the real solution for you to drop the weight.

If you get back to your old unhealthy habits you are most certainly to get all the weight back.

Yes, ultrasonic cavitation can help you lose weight, but it can't prevent fat cells to store the fat again.

But you can.

A healthy diet and exercise now and then are the only true solution for you to keep the weight off.

I get that it can be really difficult to lose weight, but that's not the reason that you take alternative option like ultrasonic cavitation for weight loss, and go back to your old habits.

There's a saying – You are what you eat. Therefore, feel free to give yourself a boost with ultrasonic cavitation, but make sure you have the plan for after.


How many sessions do I need and what's the price?


Most experts recommend getting anywhere between 8 and 12 sessions for optimum results.

Each treatment lasts around 40-50 minutes and your results will depend based on your age, gender, treated area, and weight.

Now, when it comes to price, things can get a bit juicy.

The price for ultrasonic cavitation can vary between $200-400. Saying that complete treatment with 8-12 sessions can cost you anywhere between $1600 – $4800.

That's the best case and worst-case scenario. There's a probable difference based on how many sessions will you have and how much work there's to be done.




If you ask me personally I don't think it's worth the money, and here's why.

For that time that you spend going on those sessions, they will tell you that in order to work you will need to enroll a healthy diet in your everyday life and drink lots of water to flush out that fat.

Well, guess what. If you get a healthy diet for a couple of weeks and increase your water intake, you can lose weight without cavitation sessions.

It is probably a faster way to drop the weight, but how much faster is worth $2-5k?

For that amount of money, you can get a personalized meal plan and exercise routine to lose weight and you can get 10 years gym membership along with all supplementation you might want to have.

It will definitely help you slim your waist, but truth to be told, it's kinda like running from the problem.

If you get back to your old habits (which will probably happen, because you will not develop clean eating and exercising habit) you will get back all the fat you flushed out, and those $2-5k will not get back to you with the fat.

It's a much smarter option to lose weight healthy and natural way and to develop better habits for longer and happier life.

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Vladan Ubiparip
Founder at Extreme Loser